Strategic Development Group, Inc. has been helping clients in economic and community development since 1991. Because it is a complex world, SDG’s work includes:

  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Economic Development
  • Comprehensive Land Use Planning
  • Helping not-for-profit organizations grow
  • Creating Manufacturing Innovation Hubs

We have worked for state and local governments, large and small businesses and not-for-profit groups. Our specialties are research, planning and project management.

The secret to our longevity is helping clients develop strategies that are realistic and easy to implement. Our final recommendations incorporate current and anticipated economic development trends, as well as new directions in other areas of society.

Our projects have a built-in guarantee of quality: we will not stop working until you are satisfied.

Mission Statement

Strategic Development Group, Inc.’s mission is to serve our clients, provide a return on our shareholders’ investment, maintain a productive environment for our staff and support our community.

At Strategic Development Group, we do all that is necessary to help your communities, businesses, and organizations reach a new level of growth and success. We implement a great deal of analysis to figure out what is working for and what is not. We look for ways to increase the economy and productivity of your community, and we make sure that those plans come to fruition. There are different ways that we go about the process of development. They are:

  • Planning:

    Starting the journey that leads to more success and growth requires a great deal of planning. This helps ensure that the actions we want to get implemented actually reach that conclusion.
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  • Project Management:

    Once we have planned out what we want to do, we have to see the process through with extreme care. We also evaluate your existing projects with a fresh pair of eyes to make sure that they are being done to their potential.
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  • Research:

    To find out how best to service your needs, we do a considerable amount of research. This allows us to pinpoint the best possibilities for growth and efficiency.
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  • Seminars and Speaking Engagements:

    We offer a variety of workshops and events that can help your community or business build a better strategy for itself. We make sure that we provide information that is specific to the area in which you want to improve.
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