We’re a lot smarter now than when we were when we started this project. It gives us the information we need to move forward. The town and the taxpayers got their money’s worth. We feel like this study and and the report is a great road map for the future of Nashville.

Bob Kirlin, President, Nashville Town Council

We wanted to have outside assistance to guide our planning process to maximize input from all areas of our company. This has been accomplished with our planning session and culminated with the Summary Report. We now have a road map to guide our efforts. Thanks to SDG, Basiloid Products has a plan to help us reach our goals.

Gerald A Frette, President, Basiloid Products Corp

Our CDC was impressed with SDG’s work on our housing needs assessment. Their research methods are both professional and practical.

Pat Cockrum, Sycamore Services, Inc. President, Hendricks County Community Development Corporation

Please accept this in recognition and appreciation of the outstanding assistance SDG gave in [Lawrence County’s] recent Economic Development Summit. We are still getting rave reviews and great publicity from our local media. We are confident that your leadership, experience and great direction are the reasons for our success. We knew what we wanted to happen—SDG made it happen.

Adele Bowden-Purlee, President, Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

As the staff for the Southern Indiana Rural Development Project, over the years SDG has provided crucial support for our committees and projects. They have consistently given us our money’s worth when it comes to administering the organization. They’ve done a great job in raising funds for our projects, too.

Randy Haymaker, Board Member, Southern Indiana Rural Development Project

SDG did a great job for the Wabash Valley. SDG listened, surveyed the community, conducted focus groups and kept us all on task. When all the data collection was complete they provided us with a concise action plan and grant proposal. All this in just 6 months!!! SDG Consulting has been wonderful to work with.

Liz Metzger, Collaboration Chair, Vigo County Community Coordinated Child Care

From our initial contact with Brian O’Neill and SDG, I have been impressed with their professionalism and their ability to work with a diverse group of community leaders. I appreciated the leadership and experience of SDG, as well as their availability whenever help was needed – all with a friendly, personal touch. The finished products from the planning process are thorough and professional reports that Miami County will be using for years to come. Thank you, Brian, and SDG for providing us with such practical tools to better our community!

Romi Plath, Collaboration Coordinator, Miami County Partners 4community Growth

We couldn’t have gotten the comp plan passed without SDG. We know because we tried.

Terry McNeely, Chairman, Washington County Plan Commission – City of Salem Comprehensive Plan

It’s been a real pleasure working with Strategic Development Group out of Bloomington. They are not trying to sell big city ideas to us country folk. They are helping us find ways to make it work for us.

Denise Shaw, Executive Director, Owen County Economic Development Corporation – Owen County Economic Development Strategy

Most consultants are very unresponsive; they take stuff off the shelf and make it one-size-fits-all. SDG doesn’t do that. We got a tailor made product that a 99.9% reflection of what we asked for.

John Irvine, Monroe County Plan Commission – State Road 37 Corridor Plan, Monroe County