Fayette County Comprehensive Plan

Fayette County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan was last updated in 1969, when Richard Nixon was president and gas cost 35 cents a gallon.

Of the many changes (and price increases) since then, one that’s had the biggest impact on land use planning in Fayette County is population size. Forty-two years ago, there were projections that the county would grow to 30,000 people. Plans were made accordingly, but that growth did not occur.

Project Overview and Schedule

Although past predications turned out to be faulty, this question remains: Is Fayette County more likely to achieve its goals and its residents to prosper with or without a plan for the future?

With this thought in mind, elected leaders gathered a committee together to update the Fayette County Comprehensive Land

Use Plan, which was funded by a grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

The final comprehensive plan includes:

  • Topic chapters include quality of life, land use, economic development, housing, natural resources, utilities, transportation, and critical sub areas. The chapters are mostly self-contained examinations of specific issues. They include research, strategies and recommendations. Besides making the reader well versed in the topic, they outline years of projects for tackling problems.
  • Tips for plan commissioners, county officials, developers, and citizens. The final plan spells out the community’s preferred future; where it wants to extend infrastructure and where it wants housing, industrial and commercial development.
  • An Implementation Plan that provides a step-by-step guide to working toward the plan’s goals.

Project Features

  • Proposed a “new” industrial park critical sub area
  • Future transportation at the White Rivery Valley Railroad station