Vincennes Downtown Revitalization Plan

SDG with its partners, Rundell Ernstberger & Associates and Arch Trio, are helping the City of Vincennes, Indiana develop a new plan for downtown.

A set of prioritized goals and objectives and a projected budget – income and expenses – with reference to the following areas:

Economic development focused on the trade area
“Roadmap” diagram in each action plan showing process flows, responsibilities, time schedules, benchmarks, and costs with reference to the following resources:

    Financial Tools
    Legal Tools
    Manpower Tools
    Individual task and organizational work plans for groups responsible for specific steps in the action plans
    A schedule and process for plan revision and updating.
    Planning Documents and Materials
    Meeting Notes


    The team of consultants will conduct research on existing documents and assemble data on such issues as Vincennes’ demographic composition, history, infrastructure and utility capacity.

    Initial Recommendations
    The team of consultants will create steering committee goals and objectives for plan chapters.
    Public Hearing and Project Report

    The initial goals and objectives will be presented at a public hearing.

    Final Draft
    The edited downtown revitalization plan will be submitted to the steering committee for approval.
    Presentation to the Vincennes City Council

    The Vincennes City Council will review the final downtown revitalization plan.