Nashville Tourism Development Plan

The Town of Nashville hired SDG to assist with the development of a new economic development strategy. The strategies will be shaped by a community vision for economic growth and driven by detailed steps for completion for each objective. Hannum, Wagle and Cline Engineering (HWC) will be partnering on the project and completing a review of current business sites.

When completed, the economic development strategy will address the following issues:

  • Determining Nashville’s Brand
  • Matching New Opportunities to Existing Sites
  • Arts and Cultural Center
  • Individual task and organizational work plans for groups responsible for specific steps in action plans

Planning Documents and Materials

Steering Committee Meeting #1 Summary– February 7, 2012
Steering Committee Meeting #2– March 27, 2012Steering Committee #3 Summary– July 25, 2012
Steering Committee Meeting #4– August 22, 2012
Arts Community Big Tent Meeting Presentation– Septemeber 12, 2012
Steering Committee Meeting #5– Septemeber 26, 2012
Nashville Tourism Development Plan– November 7, 2012