At Strategic Development Group, we help communities, businesses, and organizations move forward. Our research provides the information you need to have. Our analysis turns that information into objectives that are measurable and achievable. Successful journeys begin with sound planning. A realistic strategy increases the probability that your objectives will be met.

  1. For our clients in economic development, we look for ways to make your community more competitive. One of our approaches is to leave you with a plan that works for you.
  2. In our land use planning work, SDG brings you new perspectives how your community can grow while keeping its core values.
  3. Working with for-profit, corporate clients, we analyze and evaluate your current operation and then – in partnership with you – develop a realistic strategy for growth.
  4. With our not-for-profit clients we research best practices as the foundation for a new plan that will work for you and the people you serve.
  5. SDG periodically shares important information with its clients through publications, workshops, and presentations.
  • Planning:

    Starting the journey that leads to more success and growth requires planning. An effective strategy ensures that your objectives have countered threats, taken advantage of opportunities, built on your strengths, and addressed your weaknesses.
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  • Project Management:

    Once we have planned out what we want to do, we have to see the process through with extreme care. We also evaluate your existing projects with a fresh pair of eyes to make sure that they are being done to their potential.
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  • Research:

    Almost every SDG project requires some level of research to identify the most effective activities to move your organization forward.
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  • Seminars and Speaking Engagements:

    We offer a variety of workshops and events that can help your community or business build a better strategy for itself. We make sure that we provide information that is specific to the area in which you want to improve.
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